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Michael J. Bleker - Regional Property Manager


Being a professional that manages over 2000 rental units, it is important for me to have reliable contractors for specific jobs that must be done on a regular basis. Like you may be dealing with, I also have experienced a significant increase in bed bug infestations during the last year. Previous to using one twenty inc., I utilized a traditional pest control company that used chemicals and powders in an effort to solve my bed bug problems. This process was tedious, time consuming and often required several re-treatments to solve the problem. After much frustration and research, I hired one twenty inc. to provide a thermal remediation service to solve our bed bug problem. The service is quick, easy and most of all it gets my problem solved in one treatment, allowing my tenants to get back to a normal lifestyle immediately. If you are looking for a way to end your frustration with this ever increasing problem of bed bugs, the service one twenty inc. provides is priceless and I would strongly recommend them for your thermal remediation needs.


Josh Kennedy - Homeowner


After multiple visits from three different so-called pest specialists I found myself with the same problem. I had bedbugs in my house and I didn’t know how to get rid of them. I stumbled across 120 inc. and their thermal remediation practices and I can’t emphasize enough how great they are to work with. The service was quick but highly effective. I am happy to say that I have been bed bug free for 6 months. I highly recommend them and their professional staff for any of your pest service needs. Thank you 120 inc. for making me comfortable in my own home again!!!


Tammy Dain - Regional Manager


As an apartment manager when someone mentioned bedbugs I was unsure what to do or what treatment options were available. As I started to explore treatment options I contacted One twenty Inc. I was amazed at how knowledgeable they were on the subject. After one short phone call I felt I had instantly become educated and knew they had a great strategy to solve this problem.

Treatment was scheduled within 48 hours and they provided an easy step by step instruction sheet for me and our resident. With just one treatment the apartment remains free of bedbugs and we currently have used them for 6 jobs with no call backs. I would recommend one twenty Inc. to solve your problem fast and with only one treatment.

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