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Residential Services


For the homeowner thermal remediation is the only way to go. Why put up with one more night of bed bugs feed on you or your family. The night of the treatment you can sleep assured that the problem is resolved.


The cost of the treatment is far less that the cost of replacing mattresses and purchasing chemicals or hiring a pest control company to chemically treat your home. This process can take weeks. Thermal Remediation is environmentally friendly using electric heaters and leaving no toxic chemicals behind. One Twenty Inc. uses high efficiency electric heaters powered by our three phase generator. The circulating fans are connected to the household power. The whole process is monitored by wireless temperature sensors. A complete log of the process in maintained.


If you are worried about what the neighbors might think, One Twenty, Inc. will provide discrete service with professional equipment. The only way your neighbors will know is if you tell them. We hope you do tell them about us when they confide in you about their bed bug problem.


Phone us at (847) 401-1793 or email us today with questions or to schedule services.


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