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Commercial Services


In the business world time is money. For both Multi-Family and Hotels the longer the treatment takes the more it costs. With One Twenty Inc. one treatment and the problem is gone. More devastating to the bottom line than the cost of the service is loss in income due to a bad reputation for a bed bug infestation.


As a multifamily owner or manager do you want your residents dragging out their bed bug infested mattress down the hallways out to the dumpster? How about carrying there infested laundry down to the laundry room and coming in contact with other residents? Worst of all, what if a resident places an infested couch by the dumpster and a different resident takes the couch up to their apartment. With thermal remediation by One Twenty, Inc. none of this should happen. We will treat the whole apartment, room or suite, all the furniture and all the clothing in the affected unit.


Professional, discrete service is a must when treating a bug problem. At One Twenty Inc. we use state of the art equipment with professional, inconspicuous company graphics. Your other residents, tenants or guests will not know why we are there and when we leave the problem will be solved.


For Multi-Family / Hotel / Offices / Warehouse pricing please call us at (847) 401-1793.

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