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Thermal Remediation is the most cost effective method of eradicating bed bugs.


Thermal Remediation treats the home, furniture, clothes and even the mattress, killing all stages of the bed bug's life cycle. One Twenty Incorporated's services are discrete, professional and effective. We will save you time, aggravation and money.


With over 40 years experience in the multifamily
housing industry.


We have seen a recent explosion in the instances of bed bug infestations. Our experiences in treating for bed bugs led us to start One Twenty, Inc. After years of using chemicals which require multiple treatments over a number of weeks it was a no brainer to switch to thermal remediation. With a single treatment which is completed in one day the entire apartment and all the contents are free from bed bugs.


One Twenty Inc is licensed to provide pest control in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, click below for more information.


Pest Control in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Indiana

One Twenty Incorporated can kill all your bed bugs with state of the art equipment made right here in the USA.

   For a free estimate please call:

      Phone Number: 847-401-1793

     For Customer Service concerns email:


      Locations include Genoa City, WI and Lindenhurst, IL.

      We proudly serve Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana, Wisconsin

Why put up with one more night of bed bugs feed on you or your family? The night of the treatment you can sleep assured that the problem is resolved.

For the homeowner thermal remediation

is the only way to go.

Why spend more time and money than necessary? For both Multi-Family and Hotels the longer the treatment takes the more it costs. With One Twenty Inc. one treatment and the problem is gone.

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